Add-ons for NVDA/Extended module for Total Commander

This add-on improves the accessibility of the file Manager Total Commander, mostly versions 8.0 and higher.


CONTROL+SHIFT+EReports information about the selected elements
CONTROL+SHIFT+RReports the size of selected elements
Control + Shift + DReports the full path of the current directory. Pressing twice Copies it to the clipboard.

Change log

V2.3: 05.10.2020

  • Fixed incorrect detection of the active panel in some cases.
  • Fixed tab support in some 32-bit version dialog boxes.
  • Messages about selecting files or canceling it no longer depend on pressing certain keys.
  • Fixed duplicate messages when selecting files.
  • Fixed persistent messages about selected files when switching tabs in the main window of Total Commander.
  • Improvements to dialogs with messages. Now, when these dialogs appear (for example, when deleting files) NVDA will read the information that is displayed on the screen.
  • Improved file overwrite dialog. Now when the message about overwriting files appears, NVDA will report all the information that is displayed on the screen.
  • The trailing ">" character is now missing in the path to the current directory.
  • Fixed determination of the size of selected files. Now it is reported as displayed on the screen. You can set the display format in the Total Commander settings.
  • Fixed determining the size of the file under the cursor. It is now reported correctly in both short and detailed view.
  • Fixed determination of the size of files with UNC paths and when working via FTP. The size is now reported as displayed on the screen. you can change the display format in the settings of Total Commander. (Works correctly only in short form)
  • Updated some messages.
  • Updated Russian localization.
  • Full code optimization.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

v2.2.0: 20.04.2020

  • When switching tabs, the name of the selected tab will now be reported, as well as its position, if enabled in the NVDA settings.
  • Added the function of copying the path to the current folder to the clipboard by double-pressing CTRL + SHIFT + D
  • Fixed a bug leading to problems when determining the version of TC.
  • Fixed a bug when determining the file size under the cursor associated with using a large font.
  • Code optimization.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

V2.1.0: 21.03.2020

  • Added a new function to reports the full path to the current directory.
  • Added option to check updates. To check the update, open the tools menu in the main NVDA menu and select "Update Total Commander add-on..."
  • Fixed a bug in Total Commander version 7 and 8 when you select file pronounced the message that the TC version is not supported.
  • Now add-on can determine the size of any file, even if it is not selected.
  • Fixed a bug where the size of the elements for which there is a symbol "." could not be determined.
  • Now the size of the elements can be represented in bytes, kB, mB, gB, or tB. The value will be automatically converted to the correct format.
  • When reports the size of the directory if it is not defined, the add-on will report it.
  • Fully updated documentation. Made the layout of pages for readability.
  • Removed unused variables.
  • Full code optimization.

V2.0.1: 01.03.2020

  • Documentation bugs fixed.

V 2.0

  • Fixed a bug where the border of the list was mistakenly identified on some files.
  • Fixed problem in 32 bit versions of tc8+ when the exit to the previous directory, declared the first list item, then the item in focus.
  • Added announcement of item positions in the list, if this feature is enabled in the NVDA settings. (Only in TC9 +)
  • Added the ability to report information about selected items by ctrl + shift + e. (Only in TC9 +)
  • Added declaration of selected elements when pressing CTRL + A. (Only in TC9 +)
  • Added announcement about deselecting when pressing CTRL + num-. (Only in TC9 +)
  • Added announcement of the size of selected files by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + R. (Only in TC9+).

v 1.4

  • The signal at the bottom of the list has been replaced with standard windows sound.
  • Added a signal to the top of the list.
  • Now not only arrows are processed, but also Home, End, PageUp and PageDown keys for signaling list boundaries.
  • Added compatibility with new versions of NVDA.

V 1.3:

  • The sound signal will now sound only when navigating the list when the down arrow is pressed on the last element of the list, and not when the focus is on the last element.
  • Fixed erroneous behavior outside the main window, settings, and other lists.
  • Improved behavior in the FTP connection dialog.

V 1.2:

  • The mechanism for determining the active panel in versions 8 and above has been changed.
  • Optimized code to avoid problems with versions 7 and below.
  • When the focus falls on the last element of the list, a sound signal will be played.
  • Fixed incorrect pronunciation of the active panel outside the main window.

V 1.1:

  • Now, in the disc selection window, disc labels are read.
  • A description has been added to the elements with the name of the active panel, when you press the (NVDA + UpArrow) or (NVDA + TAB) keys, the name of the element and the name of the active panel are pronounced.
  • .
  • Minor improvements.

V 1.0:

  • First version.


Version: 3.3.3

Updated: 27.03.2023

Size: 113.38 kB

Downloads: 323