Add-ons for NVDA/Decoding the text

I'm sure you've on the Internet are faced with the text, instead of Russian letters, use the visually similar Latin, for example: "пpивет, cказал, Bечер, Cсылка and others. This add-on will help to convert a normal SRL and readable.

Also add-on is able to detransitioning text and transliterate it.


NVDA+shift+qReplaces the selected text in Latin letters on Cyrillic and say the text
NVDA+ctrl+qReplaces the text from the clipboard letter by Cyrillic and say the text
NVDA+ctrl+shift+qDetransitivize text from your clipboard and speaks it


Version: 2.0

Updated: 20.01.2020

Size: 5.71 KB